We accept: Bitcoin

About Us

About Us

BITLEY'S Bitcoin investment club generates competitive returns by offering short to medium term loans for microloan companies globally, offering them fast solutions to capitalize growth and further development.

Microloan companies' Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is more than 500%, so offering them flexibility and liquidity makes excellent business for them, for us and for you, as a member of BITLEY'S.

BITLEY'S's small management and trader team consists of well-educated and seasoned investment professionals with deep knowledge of trading and markets. Our focus on protecting client's assets is reflected in our business model, our process and our people. We understand the needs of our investors for targeted investment solutions and attractive risk adjusted returns.

All bitcoins invested are protected by collaterals, so our member's investments are truly 100% protected at all times.

Why Bitcoin?

Offering Bitcoin as the only investment option will provide you with a number of competitive advantages: No investment fund license required Significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees Not subject to taxation Faster time to market Increased customer loyalty Complete anonymity for investors

- Microloan industry reaches 150 million users globally, and is growing 20% a year

- Global capital is more than EUR 100 billion and growing fast

- "Bitcoin value EUR 1600 - 1800 in 2017", Vytautas Karalevicius, CEO Spectrocoin

- "Bitcoin could hit 3000 in 2017", Vinny Lingham, CEO Civic.com

- PayPal & Bitcoin in co-operation in 2017!