1.5% per week


1.50 Weekly for 52 weeks

Min Amount - BTC0.1500

Max Amount - BTC10000.0000

2.0% per week


2.00 Weekly for 104 weeks

Min Amount - BTC0.1500

Max Amount - BTC10000.0000

2.5% per week


2.50 Weekly for 156 weeks

Min Amount - BTC0.1500

Max Amount - BTC10000.0000

Profitable. Taxfree. Guaranteed.

About Us

Everyone has different plans for the future, and this variety of life goals is matched by an equally diverse range of needs when it comes to financial planning and security. BITLEY`S investment club is designed to help you meet your own specific investment needs.

Welcome to BITLEY'S

BITLEY'S is a premier global Bitcoin investment club that strives to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors and society at large.

At BITLEY'S , we apply our strengths to deliver unique solutions, unlock value and propel growth.

We have built the firm on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative and independent thinking. Our solid financial base ensures our capacity to deliver on our commitments.

Above all, we have made it our top priority to serve the needs of our investors and clients. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence. It also leads us to operate with prudence, financial discipline, a long-term perspective, and a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day.

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Everyone has different plans for the future, and this variety of life goals is matched by an equally diverse range of needs.


We pay you max 2,5% interest on your Bitcoin investment every week for up to 3 full years.

Tax Free

We never deduct any taxes or fees from the weekly interest or the capital. We also do not pass your information to your national tax office.

Security Guaranteed

We guarantee both your initial investment and your weekly interest rate, so you are 100% safe with us.


Investments are made through Bitcoin, that makes investing in BITLEY'S easy, quick and safe. What else could you ask for?

BITLEVELS -Sharing Program and commission plan

By sharing BITLEY'S with your friends, you will earn handsomely. Our BITLEVELS -commission plan will pay you 4% for the 1st level, 2% for the 2nd level, 2% for the 3rd level, 1% for the 4th level and 1% for the 5th level referrals.


BITLEY`S is open to everyone, regardless of your sex, skin color, race, political or religious views. You are more than welcome to be part of the BITLEY'S family! All you need is willingness to be part of Bitcoin revolution worldwide and help other people around the world by offering them the possibility of microloan to finance their family needs, children's education or own business start-up. All this while enjoying max 2,5% interest paid weekly to you.


BITLEY'S pays you well when you share it with your friends and business colleagues. Our BITLEVEL -compensation plan's first level pays you 4%, second level 2%, third level 2%, fourth level 1% and fifth level 1%. And it pays you every time an investor in your downline makes an investment, not only for the first time but for every time.


We pay you a 2.5% weekly interest on your investment, and guarantee the principal 100%, unlike your local bank or investment fund. Your money is always safe with us, as BITLEY'S carries all the risks.

Fast and Secure Transactions

Transaction confirmation time takes an hour or less, compared to 4-7 banking days in case of an old-school wire transfer.

- Microloan industry reaches 150 million users globally, and is growing 20% a year

- Global capital is more than EUR 100 billion and growing fast

- "Bitcoin value EUR 1600 - 1800 in 2017", Vytautas Karalevicius, CEO Spectrocoin

- "Bitcoin could hit 3000 in 2017", Vinny Lingham, CEO Civic.com

- PayPal & Bitcoin in co-operation in 2017!